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>>> November 5, 2012


Our Environmentally Friendly Plates Help Make Holiday Parties Greener

The holiday season is everybody’s favorite time to reflect on the year that is ending, dream of the year ahead, and reconnect with friends and loved ones. And we love festive gatherings to share food, drink, and gifts. The spirit of giving warms us all during the season, and sometimes we forget to recycle.

But Americans throw away more waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day than any other time of the year. The good news is that curbing holiday waste is easy to do and makes common sense. Here are some ideas for greening your next holiday party.

Streamline and Be Green Smart with EcoPalm’s Environmentally Friendly Plates

Every holiday season, we buy, mail, and throw away tons of greeting cards, so one of the best ways to make your next Christmas party greener is to use electronic invitations. You can find many great services on the Internet that are free and easy to use. And your friends and family will appreciate a little less clutter in their lives.

You can also save waste by giving greener gifts. You can avoid stressful and fuel-consuming trips to the mall by shopping online. Also, consider giving paper gifts: concert tickets, gym memberships, movie-ticket packages, plane tickets. These kinds of gifts require no driving to buy and no gift-wrapping paper to throw away.

If you do wrap gifts, using recycled material is fun and easy. Save old shopping boxes and packaging, breakfast cereal boxes, plastic containers, and paper bags. These make great gift wrapping that you can decorate with a personal touch.

EcoPalm’s Environmentally Friendly Plates Are Compostable and Reusable

You can still use disposable plates and flatware at your catered events, thanks to EcoPalm. All our products are environmentally friendly and durable enough to reuse many times over. Ideal for holiday office parties and for family gatherings, our environmentally friendly plates and flatware are convenient and affordable.

Celebrate the holiday season with these earth-friendly ideas, and have a wonderful season and a Happy New Year!

>>> November 5, 2012


Celebrate the Earth’s Bounty This Thanksgiving with Biodegradable, Disposable Plates from EcoPalm

The leaves are piled up on the lawn, the fire is roaring in the hearth, and the family is gathered around the table to give thanks for good health and good fortune. Thanksgiving reminds us of what’s important in our lives: good friends, family love, and the bountiful Earth.

But just because we’re blessed with good food and high spirits doesn’t mean we have to be wasteful and squander our good fortune. In the spirit of this giving holiday, EcoPalm offers these eco-friendly Thanksgiving ideas.

Don’t forget to recycle.

Big family meals and extravagant parties are the norm every Thanksgiving. We love getting the biggest turkey and piling our plates with mounds of potatoes and stuffing. Chances are you already recycle all year, but it’s easy to forget during the festive holiday season. A fun idea is to enlist the kids to remind everyone to recycle paper, plastic, and glass, and to compost uneaten food. They will learn the value of the practice while encouraging them to interact more with everyone at the feast.

Wash fewer dishes by using EcoPalm’s disposable plates.

Let’s face it: doing the dishes after a big Thanksgiving meal can be a thankless task. Many families like to use their fine plates and cutlery, but you can lessen the washing burden while not taxing local landfills by using palm plates for some dishes. You could even have a memorable Earth-themed dinner and use only compostable plates, forks, knives, and spoons.

Don’t prepare too much food.

Having tons of leftovers after Thanksgiving is a tradition, but while we all love those gallons of turkey soup and endless turkey sandwiches, we often don’t realize how much food gets thrown away. Carefully planning the number of guests you will have, how many will be bringing dishes, and how many leftovers you will have can help keep food waste and the added cost down.

Stay near home; invite the neighbors.

Thanksgiving travel is also a tradition, and some travel usually can’t be avoided. But staying nearer to home will save money and fuel costs. Every car, bus, and airplane trip puts greenhouse carbon in the atmosphere, so avoiding unnecessary trips is a solid Earth-friendly option. Also, consider asking the neighbors to join your celebration. A Thanksgiving block party featuring compostable palm plates and disposable catering plates is a fun way to foster tighter community bonds.

Plant a tree to give something back to the Earth.

We give thanks for what the Earth give us, but we often forget to return the favor. Planting a tree on Thanksgiving is a powerful way to give something back to nature. Your Thanksgiving tree will be a living reminder of good fortune, love, and peace.

Enjoy Your Holidays and Give Thanks to Earth’s Bounty with Palm Plates from EcoPalm

Wherever or however you celebrate the season, the folks at EcoPalm hope you have a cornucopia of riches this Thanksgiving. All of our eco-friendly products are compostable and elegant enough for the finest occasions.

Happy Thanksgiving from EcoPalm!

>>> August 20, 2012

Great Eco-Friendly Summer Road Trips Are Fun and Easy with These Tips

The long, lazy summer days are ideal for family road trips, where you can break out of your daily routine and explore the world outside the city limits. Most people think of road trips as aimless wandering from place to place, or taking the scenic route to the coast, or piling the whole family into the back of a station wagon and hoping for the best.

But summer road trips can be exciting adventures that don’t waste resources, wreck your budget, or increase your carbon footprint. These days, you can rent a hybrid car and see the country using less gas than ever before. But with so much to see and do on the road, you’ll need to carefully plan every aspect of your trip to maximize your carbon dollars.

Careful Planning Is Essential for Maximum Eco-Friendly Benefits

Many people think road trips have to last for days, but one interesting idea is to choose a destination closer to home. Like many people, you probably have a lot of local destinations you’ve never had the time to visit. Shorter road trips use less gasoline and leave more time for having fun.

Also consider taking a road trip without the car. Many cities have fascinating, nearby destinations accessible to bicycles, which are easy to rent and are the most fuel- and energy-efficient machines ever invented. Or consider going railroading, another highly efficient mode of transportation. Many local points of interest are accessible by commuter rail service, and Amtrak has many intercity lines and services that can take you to a neighboring city for a weekend while your car takes a holiday.

But naturally, when most people think of road trips, they think of driving on the road. If you don’t already own a hybrid car, every national car rental chain offers hybrid vehicles for rent. Look for rental cars with bicycle racks. Taking your bike will encourage you to use the car less when you reach your destination.

Bring Your Food and Use EcoPalm’s Disposable Plates and Flatware

Careful planning is essential for an eco-friendly road trip. Having a specific destination in mind means less energy to get there and less wandering the roads. The best eco-friendly destinations are ones you’ll want to stay at and not feel tempted to drive more once you get there.

When planning your trip, it’s best to bring with you as much food and drink as you will need on your trip. You can buy food and water in bulk and pack them in reusable or recyclable containers. EcoPalm’s disposable plates and flatware make ideal additions to any road trip plan.

Another idea to consider is where you will stay when you arrive at your destination. Many local road trips won’t require an overnight hotel stay, but if you must stay in a hotel on the road, look for hotels and motels that are certified Earth-friendly, either with Green Seal or Energy Star designations. The EPA web site offers a list of Energy Star-certified hotels in all 50 states.

Inflate Those Tires and Turn Off the TV

If you do take your car on the road, have it checked out thoroughly before leaving. One of the greenest things all drivers can do at any time is to keep their tires properly inflated, which maximizes gas mileage efficiency. Also, try to plan your driving so that you avoid peak or rush hour times, as getting stuck in traffic uses more energy (and is much less fun!).

Finally, before you leave your house, turn off or unplug nonessential appliances and electronic devices, such as TVs, DLRs, ISP routers, coffee makers, and food processors. These devices can use electricity even when they aren’t in use.

Saving the Earth and lessening your carbon footprint doesn’t mean sacrificing summer road trip fun. You can have it all by carefully planning your summer road trip to cut waste and maximize fuel efficiency.

>>> August 20, 2012

Eco-Friendly Barbecues and Summer Parties Are Fun and Easy with These Tips

Nothing says summer fun quite like barbecues and outdoor parties, when friends gather in the languid air to dine on seasonable delicacies cooked on open-flame pits. Day or night, outdoor parties are one of our favorite summertime activities. Having an eco-friendly barbecue is easy if you follow these simple steps.

Plan Carefully for the Lowest Eco Impact

First, carefully planning your outdoor party is very important. You’ll want to serve enough food for everyone while avoiding too many leftovers, which encourage waste. Barbecue is best eaten fresh. Planning your green barbecue also means shopping for local, organic foods and beverages. These days, most regions of the USA have excellent, locally produced microbrews and wines. These beers taste better than the big-name brands and require fewer resources to get them to your party. If the brewery is truly local, you can serve beer in a reusable keg supplied by the brewery. Also consider brewing your own iced tea and serving it in reusable pitchers.

Veggies Are Greener than Meat

Generally, you’ll want to serve less meat, simply because raising animals for food is less eco-friendly than raising grains and vegetables. Today, grilled veggies are more popular than ever: corn on the cob, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, carrots, peppers, artichokes... any vegetable can be prepared on a grill, and they’re leaner and healthier than meat.

Gas Is Cleaner than Charcoal

Speaking of grills, which is the most Earth-friendly option, propane or charcoal? The choice is not as stark or simple as the old question “paper or plastic,” but you may be surprised to learn that propane is the greener choice. Charcoal has a more natural flavor, but the amount of smoke created by a typical charcoal fire is sometimes staggering. Many people prefer the taste of food cooked with charcoal, so if you insist on using it for your green barbecue, look for lump coal from local suppliers instead of the chemically treated bag varieties. Propane, on the other hand, burns cleaner than charcoal, and cooking with propane requires less fuel, leaving behind fewer emissions. You don’t need to know any elaborate fire-starting techniques to light a propane grill.

EcoPalm’s Disposable Plates and Palm Plates Were Made for BBQ

Naturally, you’re planning to recycle and compost as much waste as you can. We try to use as many reusable containers as possible for food storage and beverages. Cloth napkins are the greenest choice, but if you don’t have those, look for unbleached napkins made from recycled paper.

And don’t forget the EcoPalm plates and flatware. Our all-natural products are made from fallen palm husks and biodegrade in 2 to 4 months, but they are so durable they can be washed and reused at your next summer gathering.

Summer is the Earth’s warm gift to us all. The least we can do is enjoy the season without damaging the gift-giver.

>>> July 24, 2012

Make Your Special Day a Green Day with Biodegradable Wedding Plates from EcoPalm

Everyone loves weddings and special event parties, but your special day doesn’t have to damage the environment. Green weddings are easier and more affordable than ever. With just a little planning and a spirit of eco-friendly fun, you can have a romantic wedding that is less wasteful than traditional wedding parties, and chances are, Aunt Rita and Uncle Gerry won’t notice the difference.

Planning a great eco-friendly wedding means making smart choices. You needn’t do all of these things, but you can do most of them without too much trouble or extra expense. In fact, many of our suggestions are less costly than other more conventional choices.

If you wish, you can hire an eco-friendly wedding planner. Most cities have many such boutique companies, but you don’t have to live in California or Oregon to find them. You can find eco-friendly wedding planners in every region of America.

Or you can save money and design and plan your own eco-friendly wedding simply by following some or all of these suggestions.

Choose a Natural Setting

Plan your reception or party in a natural, outdoor setting. Holding your party outdoors uses much less energy for lighting and climate control.

Many couples choose the Great Outdoors for both the ceremony and the reception—after all, what better church to celebrate than one in the glory of Nature? By holding the ceremony and reception in the same location, your guests will use less energy and create fewer emissions than if they were driving to two separate locales.

And you don’t have to choose some remote location without modern facilities. Many municipal park districts have beautiful botanical gardens or special outdoor areas specifically set aside for wedding receptions and events.

Consider chartering a hybrid bus to bring your guests to the ceremony. Fewer cars on the road makes a happier earth, not to mention happier guests who won’t have to worry about choosing a designated driver.

Recyclable Wedding Invitations, Alternative Rings, and Vintage Dresses

Save some trees by using recycled paper for the wedding invitations. You could use a service such as Evite and avoid paper invitations altogether, but if Aunt Rita and Uncle Gerry don’t use e-mail, they could be left out. Many companies make eco-friendly wedding invitations, some with embedded seeds that guests can plant afterwards, leaving behind a living reminder of your special day.

Every bride dreams of her beautiful dress, but creating a custom wedding dress can be wasteful. Instead, search local vintage clothing stores and wear a recycled dress. It will still be your dress, but you will have obtained it without wasting the fabric needed for a custom pattern.

Of course, your wedding ring is an eternal symbol of your special love, but diamonds and gold are mined using destructive methods. Instead, consider alternatives, such as ethically sourced jewelry, artificial jewelry, or even wooded rings.

Celebrate the Season with Organic Flowers, Organic Food, and Biodegradable Wedding Plates

To decorate your wedding ceremony, look for local nurseries that raise organic and seasonal flowers. Why ship in out-of-season exotic flora from the other side of the world when locally grown is much more eco-friendly?

Finally, you’ll want to hire an eco-friendly caterer who uses only organic, seasonable, and locally grown food. You probably already know about the benefits of eating locally grown, in-season produce, and there’s no need to compromise just because you’re feeding 200 people instead of 2 or 3.

Naturally, EcoPalm’s biodegradable wedding plates and flatware will make an excellent addition to your green wedding. And our heart plates are ideal for expressing your love on your special day. Your friends and family will appreciate the elegant and unique style of EcoPalm’s disposable plates and your commitment to loving the earth.

>>> June 27, 2012

EcoPalm’s Environmentally Friendly Plates and Flatware Are Ideal for Home Composting

Home composting is one of the best things you and your family can do to help save the planet. The benefits are legion, including lessening the amount of household garbage you throw away and building a free supply of nutrient-rich and natural fertilizer for your garden and lawn. Even if you live in an apartment in the city, you can still reap the benefits of composting. And EcoPalm’s disposable plates and flatware are ideal for home composting.

Best of all, composting at home is easy and fun. Here’s a quick guide on how to set up your own compost heap at home, what you can compost, and how to maintain your compost. The number one thing you will need to get started is simply the desire to help save the earth.


>>> June 14, 2012

Green Question of the Week

Going green is easier than ever…which is a good thing, considering we’re all busier than ever, too. With today’s crazy schedule, what is your favorite way to stay green while prioritizing convenience?
A) Carrying my own reusable water bottle to avoid disposables
B) Using biodegradable / compostable tableware instead of synthetic plastic ones
C) Buying organic and / or local food and toiletries
D) Using power strips to turn electronics on and off

>>> May 22, 2012
Heart-shaped compostable plates

Ready to indulge in some good ol’ fashioned deliciousness this summer? Serve up these heavenly chocolate covered strawberries on biodegradable, heart-shaped compostable plates to show your date and your world a little love.