Environmentally Friendly Plates, Biodegradable Dinnerware, and Cutlery for All Life's Celebrations

Eat, drink, and be merry-without the fuss of washing dishes later. EcoPalm's biodegradable plates and disposable dinnerware are the perfect dressing for your holiday tables.

Love the convenience factor of disposable catering plates, but not such a fan of the environmental impact? We can relate. And that's why we created EcoPalm environmentally friendly plates and cutlery.

We make our eco-friendly line of plates using one of the most sustainable materials possible: naturally fallen palm tree husks.

That means you get durable, attractive, and disposable plates and cutlery that you can discard after using, and Mother Earth gets her just rewards, too. In fact, our products are as sustainable as disposable dinnerware can get, from production-which uses nontoxic, green materials without cutting down trees-through disposal-when it biodegrades, it does not clog up landfills.

Ready to introduce biodegradable plates and compostable flatware into your kitchen? Order sustainable EcoPalm environmentally friendly plates and biodegradable dinnerware today.